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Graphic Design on a Small Business Budget

Updated: Jun 9

A notepad being used to brainstorm the next three items to budget.
A small business owner sits down and gets ready to budget.

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As a small business owner, prioritizing your marketing expenses can be tough. Although you realize its importance, start-up budgets sometimes do not lend themselves immensely towards this departmental concern. The following discusses considerations when determining the marketing needs for the beginning stages of your company.


There is a plethora of options for making logos. From do-it-yourself design to discounted services, business owners on any budget can start creating their initial branding presence. Given your vision, this may be enough to fulfill your goals. However, keep in mind the long-term expense of these services as well. Depending upon these options may result in a monthly payment which exceeds the cost of a flat-rate fee. However, does your budget allow for an initial upfront cost? If not, these services may be ideal as an immediate solution. Yet, how does that affect your marketing agenda within a company business plan? Consider where you are and where you imagine going with your business. After doing such, budget according to stages to assist with the best options for your company’s lifespan.


Every business owner gets to a point where they must weigh the cost of their time against their efforts. If designing is not your primary talent, it may be to your benefit to outsource this skill simply due to the hours you would save by hiring a professional. When you reflect upon this, consider efforts outside of the design process as well. Refer to The Creative Workspace: Organizational Considerations to Meet Your Needs, where Viafique LLC discusses organization and design asset management. To what extent does your schedule allow for the efforts needed to maintain a professional workflow? In addition to offering you quality creations, hiring a professional should also result in organized files which may bring ease to any future marketing needs. When considering the time you save, keep in mind the entirety of that time. This should include time spent designing, updates, and organization.


When developing your marketing plan, include the marketing materials needed to fulfill the goal. It is unlikely you will need all marketing materials immediately. Think about the intent of the various stages of your milestones. For example, in the initial stages, is the primary intent to raise brand awareness? If so, what materials would be most useful? Spread out the expense of production and focus on funding quality. This will not only make your budget feel more manageable, but it will also make the overall mission feel less overwhelming. Consider hiring a professional designer who may assist with determining the requirements for various stages of your marketing goals. Think about your brand’s long-term presence, but also think about what you require to fulfill your immediate company goals.


Small business owners are visionaries. From conception to creation, they can take an idea and make it a reality. Yet, success often comes from being able to manage that idea as well. Companies such as Viafique LLC can help you achieve your goals in a way which will bring ease to your budget while also ensuring a professional presence. If you would like to discuss affordable ways to create a consistent and cost-effective presence, contact Viafique LLC for assistance. We are more than happy to discuss any options or give suggestions on how to meet your small business needs.



Rebecca A. Crecelius, MFA

CEO | Founder | Managing Member | Designer

Rebecca A. Crecelius, MFA is an artist, designer, and business owner. Her creative background is in fine art, and she has a Specialization in Graphic Design from CalArts. In addition, she has post-secondary education in business and certificates in HTML and CSS coding languages. After discovering a passion for logo design and brand development, she founded Viafique LLC. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge with aspiring business owners and enthusiastic entrepreneurs.


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