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Handmade Design in a Digital World

Updated: Mar 22

Two hands emerge from separate computer screens to make a connection.
Making a connection with collage.

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With each advancement in technology, there is often a counterculture for the opposite. Recently, there has been mention of this occurrence in design. During an era of rapid technological growth, there is also a growth in embracing the handmade. This aesthetic is perfect for anyone trying to express a customer-centric culture. The following provides ideas for how you can incorporate this style into your branding and marketing materials.

Handwritten Fonts

In 2024, it is undeniable that bold typography has made a strong presence. This aesthetic is powerful and has a contemporary feel, but it also tends to veer away from the connection given by a more handmade technique. Handwritten fonts, on the other hand, provide an association of human connection which can contribute to the branding of businesses wanting to take a more personal approach with their customers. If you are building a brand which is dependent upon such, consider this font style in your promotional materials. Are you still looking to create your brand identity? Experiment with this font style for a logotype as well.

Handmade Design Techniques

Although it may be necessary to utilize technology for your marketing endeavors, incorporating handmade techniques during the creative process can accentuate the humanity of your company. One way to do this is by starting the design process with traditional approaches such as collage or drawing. If you want to incorporate a mix of styles, consider digitizing after the creation of these artworks. Afterwards, experiment with the options provided by design software. The combination will likely maintain the desired effect while also aligning you with the familiarity of technologically influenced work.

Illustrative Style

Another way to include a human touch to your branding is to incorporate illustration. Using illustration in marketing campaigns is a fantastic way to connect with your audience and helps to separate you from the common associations of a corporate brand identity. Rather than using a modern aesthetic, use illustration in advertising campaigns, websites, and even merchandise. If you are a company which is fully committed to a personal connection with your customers, consider creating an illustrative logo. This style of branding shows that your business identifies with a customer-centric culture.


When choosing how you will incorporate a handmade approach to your marketing, keep in mind there are also unique styles which exist under what is termed to be such in the design world. Each style carries its own associations. For example, certain collage styles could either communicate an aura of the seventies, but they could also communicate the zine culture of the nineties. Additionally, there may be illustrative styles which deliver a more playful appearance while others deliver a message of simplicity. Although the feelings tied to various aesthetics will likely come naturally, it may be helpful to receive feedback to ensure proper translation.


Artistic style is a wonderful way to quickly communicate your company’s values. If you are a business which values a human-centric culture, building your brand identity with aesthetics of a similar nature is a terrific way to share that message. Whether it is using the style of a particular font, incorporating handmade elements into your marketing materials, or establishing a brand identity which is based on the qualities of illustrations, Viafique would be happy to assist you with developing these assets. To get started on your project, feel free to submit a message via the contact page.



Rebecca A. Crecelius, MFA

CEO | Founder | Managing Member | Designer

Rebecca A. Crecelius, MFA is an artist, designer, and business owner. Her creative background is in fine art, and she has a Specialization in Graphic Design from CalArts. In addition, she has post-secondary education in business and certificates in HTML and CSS coding languages. After discovering a passion for logo design and brand development, she founded Viafique LLC. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge with aspiring business owners and enthusiastic entrepreneurs.


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