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Motivating with Web Design

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A computer screen with the words "web design" written on the screen.
Getting ready to design a website.

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A company website is more than a portfolio. Its purpose is to inspire customer acquisition. Due to this, it is important to keep this goal in mind. The following are suggestions on how to design for customer acquisition.

Keep it Simple!

Starting a business is complicated and hard. It involves a lot of details, and it is exciting to share your progress. However, the average customer is going to you because they need to fulfill their own goals. Therefore, it is important to determine what those needs are, how your company assists with fulfilling those specific goals, and present your solution to the customer in a clear and concise manner. Acknowledge their pain points, explain why you are the best choice, but do not overwhelm them with unnecessary or irrelevant information.

Provide a Call to Action

Consider the journey of visiting your website. Some visitors may already know they want to work with you, so having a call-to-action in the header is helpful for immediate sign-up. Yet, other customers may need more convincing. Therefore, it is helpful to have multiple options for service registration, or purchase, throughout your website. This brings ease to the customer’s experience as they will not have to search your site for a previous or upcoming mode of contact once they are motivated to act. Have a way for customers to act when they are ready rather than requiring them to wait.

Web Design and Connections

When it comes to making connections with your customers, think about the reason for that connection. Is your main goal to grow a following on social media or do you need to be able to nurture the relationship with follow-ups? Establish what the reason is for the connection and use the proper contact methods for that purpose. If you have a newsletter which is important to your marketing goals, make it clear as to why the customer should sign up. Minimize unnecessary modes of connecting and maximize the presence of the ones which are most effective for your business.

Maintain Consistency

It is important to stay consistent with your design decisions as this also assists with the delivery of a clear message to the customer. Consistency illustrates that you have defined your services or goods, and you are in control of your own business. Lack of consistency can give the impression that you are not an expert in your field and may make customers hesitant in hiring you. This is particularly important, because customers need to feel comfortable working with you. They need to know that you can meet their needs, and this is not possible if you are not able to do such yourself.


When making decisions about your business’ website, function should be the primary concern. It is important to determine the desired result of your website prior to making design decisions. After, it is necessary to develop a customer experience which will fulfill those goals. Lastly, it is important to continue refinement as you establish which methods receive the best results. If you are a company in need of a website, book a call to see how Viafique may help.



Rebecca A. Crecelius, MFA

CEO | Founder | Managing Member | Designer

Rebecca A. Crecelius, MFA is an artist, designer, and business owner. Her creative background is in fine art, and she has a Specialization in Graphic Design from CalArts. In addition, she has post-secondary education in business and certificates in HTML and CSS coding languages. After discovering a passion for logo design and brand development, she founded Viafique LLC. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge with aspiring business owners and enthusiastic entrepreneurs.


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