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Brand Consistency: Telling Your Company’s Story

Updated: Jun 9

A piece of paper emerging from a typewriter with question, "what's your story?"
Drafting up a defined brand identity.

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You just developed the next best thing. Now it’s time to share it with the world. Branding is essential to giving your company a professional presence. It should tell your story and set the mood of your service or product through its presentation. Graphic design is at the heart of developing your brand’s image. When considering your brand, give a sincere and in-depth effort towards establishing your business’ persona. The following gives tips on how to build a solid framework.

Company Story

Take the time to learn about your company by giving it a story. When doing such, write about your business within context and in its tone. Although pieces of this document may be incorporated into future marketing endeavors, it is ultimately an internal document. Take time with this process to get a strong understanding of the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your company. The better you attain this understanding, the easier it will be to communicate with your customer.

Color Palette

In Branding with Color: More than Just Looks, Viafique LLC began to touch upon the use of color for branding purposes. Establishing a solid color palette is essential when developing your image. Review your company’s story and think about the feel of the language. Consider ways you can express that emotion with color. After the foundation is set, review your choices, and modify for contexts which require specifications. Knowing the personality of your business will help you adjust while maintaining consistency.


Ideally, a person establishes their logo’s font within the context of an overall brand development process. However, this is not always possible. If you already have a logo, you’ve set the framework of style. Take the time to explore what the font of your logo portrays. Like associations with colors, audiences often have subconscious connections with fonts. Adding elements such as a tagline give the opportunity to further accentuate the depths of your business’ character.

General Aesthetic

Even with thorough planning, you may find that some of your elements are not available within certain contexts. For example, there may be a time your vendor does not carry a specific ink. In addition, you may come to realize that your chosen font is not as accessible as you would like. By establishing a general aesthetic for your company, you acquire an overall feel allowing for ease within situations such as these. A general aesthetic gives your company breath beyond the standards of style guides.


Take the time to learn about your business. Give it a chance to find its own voice. Do an in-depth exploration into color and fonts to find ones which reflect your company’s story. Create a framework and utilize guides as a tool to acquire familiarity and standards. In addition, spend time understanding your business on an overall visual and emotional level allowing for freedom to adjust within unexpected circumstances. If you need help, contact Viafique LLC. We are more than happy to assist you in creating a foundation which will also allow for consistency and growth.



Rebecca A. Crecelius, MFA

CEO | Founder | Managing Member | Designer

Rebecca A. Crecelius, MFA is an artist, designer, and business owner. Her creative background is in fine art, and she has a Specialization in Graphic Design from CalArts. In addition, she has post-secondary education in business and certificates in HTML and CSS coding languages. After discovering a passion for logo design and brand development, she founded Viafique LLC. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge with aspiring business owners and enthusiastic entrepreneurs.


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