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The Creative Workspace: Organizational Considerations to Meet Your Needs

Updated: Mar 22

A business professional working with an organized filing system.
A business professional working with an organized filing system.

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During the beginning of our formation, the founder of Viafique LLC was informed of a recurring frustration within marketing departments. The struggle was in regards to not being able to find what they needed. After which, we were surprised to find that remote work has resulted in an increase in productivity loss. One of the major contributing factors is disorganization. As a response, Viafique LLC decided to work on ways to resolve this struggle. The desire is to provide relief from this challenge so companies can spend more time working towards growth. As a company founded by creative professionals, below are some ways we have come to resolve the creative and analytical divide.

The Design Workspace

As makers, we have all had those times when we were in the depths of inspiration. We’ve all had moments when everything seemed to be working out. Then, suddenly, we are pulled out of the zone because we can’t find the ideal tool. During these moments, a person usually walks away and goes on a frantic search, or they allow disorganization to take control over their vision. Like the physical studio, the digital workspace poses challenges with finding what you need when you need it. Create a system which works for you during the creative process; but keep the shared spaces tidy. When you have something to add, make sure the digital studio is usable for all. In addition, make it part of your routine to update any methods used to keep track of inventory.

The Marketing Workspace

The marketing department is often a creative hub which works within the ebbs and flow of consumer demand. Due to this, it is not always apparent what will be needed. For example, sometimes a new platform requires a file size which has not been provided. Make sure you let the design department know of any changes as they occur. This will allow them to properly update the files. If you are aware of upcoming needs, consider setting up the organizational foundation ahead of time. This will make it clear as to how the design department should file your new request. In regard to frustrations with seemingly random placement of files, ask questions. Perhaps its placement made sense to the designer in a way you hadn’t thought. The connection could inspire an innovative marketing campaign.

Our Solution

If you are a small business owner, you may be responsible for the entirety of this process. Consider the long-term vision of your company, and try to create systems which will bring ease to the future. Look for design partners like Viafique LLC to assist with getting started in the right direction. At Viafique LLC we aim to work with businesses in finding ways to best represent their vision. Being as most companies aim for a long-term future, we also work towards the needs of this objective. If you are interested in learning more about this option, please contact Viafique LLC. We will work hard at finding a functional solution which best fits your company’s needs.



Rebecca A. Crecelius, MFA

CEO | Founder | Managing Member | Designer

Rebecca A. Crecelius, MFA is an artist, designer, and business owner. Her creative background is in fine art, and she has a Specialization in Graphic Design from CalArts. In addition, she has post-secondary education in business and certificates in HTML and CSS coding languages. After discovering a passion for logo design and brand development, she founded Viafique LLC. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge with aspiring business owners and enthusiastic entrepreneurs.


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